Youtube to Create “Live Videos” at First Award Show

If Youtube wasn’t already big enough, the mother of all video websites just got a little bit bigger by announcing plans for the first annual Youtube Awards, which will be held live at New York City’s Pier 36 on November 3rd, and will be streamed live all around the world.

Spike Jonze , who has directed music videos for artists like the Beastie Boys, Ludacris , and Fatboy Slim, will serve as creative director of the 90-minute event, while Jason Schwartzman has been tapped to host it.

The show will honor the artists and songs that YouTube users have turned into hits in the past year in six award categories, with nominees set to be announced on October 17th.

Lady Gaga, Eminem , and Arcade Fire are all set to perform, and Youtube stars like Lindsey Stirling and CDZA also making an appearance. Take a look at what YouTube’s vice president of marketing, Danielle Tiedt had to say about the event below:

“We’re trying to create live videos during the award shows so that the experience becomes more about creating than presenting. Music is our bread and butter and our heart and soul here at YouTube. Our main goal is to not just do another award show. We wanted to do something special.”


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