London // Re-Introducing Oshun: Art Nude Exhibit “Through the Lens of an Orisha” | Oct. 7-17

Re-Introducing Oshun

An all female collective will take over London’s Shinobare Studios October 7th through 17th, summoning the spirit of Oshun — the kind, West African Goddess of love, intimacy, beauty, wealth, and diplomacy with a ferocious, though seldom-used, temper.

Through movement, visual arts, and poetry, Re-Introducing Oshun will form a discussion centered on black women’s bodies, gender, and sexual expression through the lens of the Yorùbá deity .

Re-Introducing Oshun: Exotic Fruits

Re-Introducing Oshun: ‘Exotic Fruits'; Creative Direction & Styling: Janine Francois; Photography: Emerzy Corbin; Body Art & Make-Up: Clare Eluka; Model: Abigail

Hosted by Yinka Shinobare and curated by Stella Odunlami , the Art Nude Exhibit “demystifies the omnipresent gaze placed on black women’s bodies by, creating images of black women that look, talk, feel and love like us and in doing so presenting our own truths,” creative director Janine Francois explains .

More than the typical “pretty-pictures-on-the-wall” exhibition, the audience will be emerged ” into another time, space and reality where black women’s bodies are worshiped as the deacon of beauty.”

Re-Introducing Oshun: Exotic Fruits

One series, ‘Exotic Fruits,’ “aims to be a critique of European colonial and anthropological gaze of African women by giving back their agency.”

The event will close with live performances at Lyric Hammersmith at 8pm.

Re-Introducing Oshun: Exotic Fruits


Monday, October 7, 2013 – Thursday, October 17, 2013 @ Shinobare Studios

Thursday, October 17, 2013 @ Lyric Hammersmith
8:00 pm


Shinobare Studios
1 Andrew Road
Hackney, E8 4QL, London

Lyric Hammersmith
1 King Street
W6 0QL, London


Shinobare exhibit: FREE

Lyric Hammersmith event: £5 (ages 16 and up may attend)\


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