Kanye West – Black Skinhead or Aspiring Black Slave Master?


The first official release from Kanye West was titled College Dropout . He went on to follow that up with another album titled Graduation. But I would never believe he graduated anything higher than middle school with the tirade of nonsense coming out of his mouth in recent interviews .

Kanye’s failed attempts at breaking into the fashion industry have highlighted a few things about the self-proclaimed “most impactful person” (an educated person might find that “most influential” sounds better, grammatically).

Perhaps if he had not dropped out and actually became a graduate, he would have learned the concepts of control and access to resources without having to lose 13 million dollars and wasting years trying to get into an industry that has been locked up.

He is whining and crying about a handful of powerful individuals who have essentially monopolized the fashion world and control all the key aspects like production and distribution, not just the designing and marketing. Welcome to reality Kanye, so nice of you join us.

He is so delusional that in his anger about high end fashion CEO’s not feeling compelled to take a meeting with him , he made an announcement on a radio show telling all black people not to buy from Louis Vuitton stores if they were out shopping.

Kanye, you are not important and nobody who can afford those designers is influenced by your ignorant temper tantrum.

Not only is he late in realizing age old concepts behind market control, but he is a confused contradiction of himself.

On the one hand he is desperately trying to become a part of the exploitation machine of corporate greed , but then at the same time wants to lecture about how everyone is still a slave.

Somehow he is able to compare his aspirations of becoming a fashion mogul and a part of the capitalist exploitation system to the movements of Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad.

Money and an over-inflated ego has brought Kanye West to a point where he feels he is the “#1 most impactful artist of our generation — “Shakespeare in the flesh” — while using his so called important voice of influence to try to sell us shoes .

Deep down, what he’s really mad about is that the evil corporations wont let him become a slave master .

Kanye is not the deep visionary he believes himself to be. He is a brat — a high end sambo who is being put in his place by his masters and throwing a fit over it because he thought they loved him.

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