Hypersensitivity Alert: “Racist” ‘Django Unchained’ Action Figures

‘Django Unchained’ Action Figures

'Django Unchained' Action Figures

“Racist” ‘Django Unchained’ Action Figures Cause More Unnecessary Controversy

Wow, just when you thought the whining about Django Unchained was about to calm down, action figures and a controversy-baiting headline from NewsOne stirs it all up again, undoudtedly the plan.

Angering readers with the news that you can now “buy slaves” by purchasing newly released Django action figures, the misleading article conveniently gives bare mention to the fact that dolls of the White characters are also available on Amazon .

In fact, you can get “ Dr. Schultz ,” “ Mr. Candie” and Butch …” as if he’s even remotely that important to the film, but okay.

“No one will go on record to discuss the action figures, which can easily be viewed as highly offensive. But it is unlikely that any outcry would make Tarantino rethink making slave masters and slaves toys for children to play with — he did, after all, go out of his way to make the abuse and degradation of African slaves for profit ‘funny.'”

Number 1, who the hell took their children to see Django !? Let’s move on. We get it. You don’t find humor in the mocking of Whites in the southern U.S. and the shameful history of that area in the country.

But were you also up-in-arms when NECA , the same distributor of the Django toys, released Pulp Fiction action figures ? Or wait, I know at least a few Cubans must be pissed about the company’s Scarface dolls !

As to why anyone would really want to have a “ Monsieur Candy ” or “ Broomhilda ” action figure is beyond me, but I also can’t imagine the appeal of a “ Jacob Black ” doll… nevermind, I may want one of these.

I’m kidding. Really. I don’t collect action figures but those who do and who realize that the Django franchise will be plentiful , will likely be as crazy about these new figures as any toy-collecting Twilight or Batman fan. Furthermore, any collector knows you never open the package, so children playing with these “slave masters and slaves” is not likely.

And for those of you who are outraged and claim that no toys were similarly created from Inglorious Basterds , another Quentin Tarantino film, you’re incorrect. Here you go — just $150.00 and he even has a gun!

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