Watch: Larry Wilmore’s ‘Nightly Show’ Analyzes ‘Ferguson Report’

'Nightly Show' Panel - Ferguson Police Report

‘Nightly Show’ Panel – Ferguson Police Report

On Thursday evening, Larry Wilmore ‘s Nightly Show skewered the Ferguson police department and, in some ways, the Department of Justice’s release of the “ Ferguson Report ,” which basically tells us what Ferguson’s citizens and protesters have been saying for months.

Wilmore combed through a few pieces of the report, comically highlighting some instances of the department’s egregious police brutality and racial bias with a “We Can’t Believe This Shit Theatre’ segment. Watch below.

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He was then joined by a panel made up by CNN legal analyst and former prosecutor Sunny Hostin , Dream Defenders executive director Phillip Agnew , Global Grind political director Michael Skolnik , and comedian Godfrey to discuss the report a bit further. Watch below.

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