Watch: Larry Wilmore’s ‘Nightly Show’ Analyzes ‘Ferguson Report’

'Nightly Show' Panel - Ferguson Police Report

‘Nightly Show’ Panel – Ferguson Police Report

On Thursday evening, Larry Wilmore‘s Nightly Show skewered the Ferguson police department and, in some ways, the Department of Justice’s release of the “Ferguson Report,” which basically tells us what Ferguson’s citizens and protesters have been saying for months.

Wilmore combed through a few pieces of the report, comically highlighting some instances of the department’s egregious police brutality and racial bias with a “We Can’t Believe This Shit Theatre’ segment. Watch below.

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He was then joined by a panel made up by CNN legal analyst and former prosecutor Sunny Hostin, Dream Defenders executive director Phillip Agnew, Global Grind political director Michael Skolnik, and comedian Godfrey to discuss the report a bit further. Watch below.

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