Watch: Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams Blasts CNN for Propaganda in Michael Brown Case

Last week Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams made an appearance on CNN’s State Of The Union to discuss the skewed media coverage we have seen from mainstream media on Michael Brown , the teen slain by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th.

“You’ll find that the people doing the oppressing always want to start the narrative at a convenient part, or always want to start the story in the middle,” Williams says in the clip above. “This started with a kid getting shot and killed and left in the street for four hours.”

“There’s a lot of bizarre behavior going on, and that is the story, that’s where we need journalism,” he continued. “That’s where we need that element of society to kick into gear and not just keep playing a loop of what the kid may have done in a convenience store,” he said, referring to video footage of the alleged robbery which Ferguson police released last week.

“This is about finding justice for a kid that was shot, an 18-year-old that was shot, period,” he added.

“There’s a complete double standard and a complete different experience that a certain element of this country has the privilege of being treated like human beings, and the rest of us are not treated like human beings. … That needs to be discussed, that’s the story,” he explains.

The 33-year-old actor has also been extremely active on social media, and used to Tumblr to specifically point out CNN’s bias on Thursday with a post titled, “ What does propaganda look like? “

Anyone who was watching the major news network on Wednesday likely noticed the repetitive dismissal of the eyewitnesses to Michael Brown’s murder. And Jessie had this to say about CNN International, which takes over CNN in the wee hours of the morning:

“They have 3 [Black] eyewitnesses, which they completely disregard by framing a false equivalency with— and I’m not making this up, ‘an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers’

Whaaaaaat? You’re rebutting 3 eyewitnesses with an anonymous caller who did NOT even see the events AND is a friend of the shooter? Really?

CNN continues, ‘an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers says Michael Brown was the aggressor, which CNN has CONFIRMED matches the account officer Wilson gave authorities.’

Oh, you confirmed it did you? Of course it matches, she’s representing the guy who will literally say anything to stay out of jail. She already admitted that she could not possibly know if what she’s saying is true, and CNN broadcasts it around the world. Think about that. They use the word “confirmed” in an attempt to add validity to propoganda, while making it sound like they did some work.”

Jesse calls the tactic “a gross violation of journalistic responsibility and public trust.”

Seeing this atrocity first-hand, I encourage you to follow and support independent media sources such as Elon James and This Week in Blackness (TWiB), Daily Haze , We Act Radio , and DCMediaGroup .

Keep up with Jesse Williams via Twitter at @iJesseWilliams .