Viola Davis Covers February 2012 Issue of LA Times

Viola Davis Covers LA Times

Viola Davis Covers LA Times

The Help star and Golden Globe winner Viola Davis gets glam for LA Times ! Inside the February 2012 issue entitled Oscar Calling , the Academy Award front-runner speaks on various topics including: how she got her start, the type of characters she likes, learning how to act at an early age, and her new found fame. Read a few excerpts from the interview and then enjoy the photo spread below:

On not getting superstar status after over 20 years of acting:

“That really is our plight, especially as women of color, you can have all the training in the world, come from a respectable background and yet never get that big opportunity that breaks you out—never.”

On her big break:

“You can be in the business for 23 years, which I have been, and suddenly something happens that wakes people up. For me, that was being in a movie with Meryl Streep , Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman , It makes people realize you’re there. Otherwise you’re that black girl who had a guest or co-star role in a TV show here or there.”

On the need for young people to be mentored to aspire to something fulfilling:

“I am doing this out of necessity. If I am not the instrument of change, I can meander through this business and be the black woman who always has two or three scenes but with fabulous actors around me.”

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