HBO Picks Up TV Rights to Bryan Cranston as Lyndon B. Johnson

Bryan Cranston as President Lyndon B. Johnson in 'All the Way' on Broadway

Bryan Cranston as President Lyndon B. Johnson in ‘All the Way’ on Broadway

Former Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston made his Broadway debut portraying President Lyndon B. Johnson in the Tony Award-winning play All the Way , which has apparently caught HBO’s attention.

On Wednesday, the network announced that it acquired the rights to produce a television adaptation of the play, which will be written by its author Robert Schenkkan .

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All the Way follows LBJ’s first year in office after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy , with a particular focus on his efforts to pass the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and his landslide election victory.

“You never knew which LBJ you were going to get when you walked into the Oval Office that day,” said Cranston, who will reprise the lead role. “You just didn’t know. He could be high, he could be low, angry, happy, and you had to deal with it.” Enjoy behind-the-scenes from the play below.