Solange Covers Complex June/July 2013, Launches New Record Label

Solange Complex June July 2013 - Cover

Solange Covers Complex Magazine June/July 2013 – Cover

Woohoo! We are overwhelmed with exciting Solange news today!

On the new music front, the Complex Magazine June/July 2013 cover girl unleashed a Kendrick Lamar -assisted remix for Looks Good With Trouble last night, and today, announced the launch of her new record label , Saint Records .

Listen: Solange – “Looks Good With Trouble” Remix featuring Kendrick Lamar

The label’s first release will be her forthcoming third album, which will be distributed through Sony .

Inside her Complex feature, the independent spirit talks about how the label came together, finding a chemistry with producer and 2012’s True EP collaborator Dev Hynes , her friendship with rapper Jay Electronica , and much more.

Solange for Complex June July 2013 by JUCO

Photographed by JUCO , the sexy retro-inspired photo shoot finds the fashionista wearing swimsuits and shorts by Eres and Gottex , and an amazing pair of red Christian Louboutin pumps chosen by stylist Peju Famojure .

Solange for Complex June July 2013 by JUCO

Her luxurious natural tresses are styled by Nikki Nelms , with makeup by Munemi Imai , and manicure by Gina Edwards .

Check out snippets from her Complex interview and more photos from the fashion spread below.

On Saint Records:

“It’s an independent label, so with that creative independence comes some financial independence. I had to get very creative with how I was gonna pull it all together. Having an intimate team makes you much more resourceful. It comes out the way you want it to, and there’s not a committee of thinkers and observers.

I have a mother who never took no for an answer when it came to her creative pursuits. She started a hair salon in her spare bedroom and four years later had 30 employees. I have a father who was the first black student at his junior high and high school and had to do a lot to get to that point. So it’s really in my bloodline when it comes to having an idea and making it happen.”

Solange for Complex June July 2013 by JUCO

On working with Dev:

“I was trying to find that chemistry with different producers, and when Dev came it was like, ‘Oh! This is it.’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is one of the most personal songs on the record. I’m saying, ‘This is amazing, I’m enjoying it but I’m a little scared that something fucked up is gonna happen.’ I’ve been in a relationship for four-and-a-half years now, but you still have those moments. In any relationship there’s gonna be conflict.

Before Dev came along, I wrote all these happy, settled love songs, which was very difficult. It’s weird how, as writers, we draw more from conflict than peace. When Dev came onto the project, he was going through a breakup and it sparked something in me. Which is something I have to explore. I’m like, ‘Why is it so easy to draw from that?’

For me and Dev it was different because from day one, we just kind of—” [snaps fingers].

Solange for Complex June July 2013 by JUCO Solange for Complex June July 2013 by JUCO

On friendship with Jay Electronica:

“In the beginning he was shocked at how much I knew about certain Southern cultural aspects like bounce music and Southern hip-hop.

He says I have this best-of-both-worlds, hood-and-Hollywood vibe about me. I’m assuming that’s where ‘Hollyhood’ came from,” she says, laughing. “But only he would know what he really means.”

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