Watch: Trailer for TV Drama on Teens Surviving ‘MysEducation’ in South Side Chicago

A trailer has been unveiled for independently produced TV pilot, MysEducation , a drama depicting the plight of teen girls navigating education, friendship and the harsh realities of South Side Chicago.

Still in development, it stars Courtney Howe as Tomi, an overachieving, intelligent, college prep high school student struggling to fit and achieve in what she calls the alien environment of a “grandfather clause, members only” society; and Ashalyn Garner as Kayla, a bright and determined freshman high school students struggling with her everyday surroundings and her academic pursuit.

MysEducation was created, written and executive produced by Yakira Chambers , who plans to turn the pilot into a regular series, filling the void of teen girls of color in dramatic television.



“The rate of violence on the South Side of Chicago hit the news in a major way,” Chambers states in her Creator’s Note. “The pilot starts when Tomis’ brother Terry is murdered by what appears to be a rival gang. Later in the season we find out who the true murderer was… The details of this shooting is the catalyst for our audience to enter the world of Tomi, Kayla and MysEducation.”

“MysEducation is necessary,” she continues. “It exists to extend the conversation beyond the tragedies in the inner city; it is a story that offers commonalities between very different environments, very different systems, and very different societal elements. This is a world in which knowledge is always a double-edged sword. MysEducation will be the next great drama that will keep its audience engaged and be a topic of discussion from years to come.”

Jason Calab serves as co-exec-producer. Directed by Jarrett Conaway and produced by Autira Films, the pilot also stars Maryam Myika Day, Philip Prendergast, Chaize Macklin and Kenesha Hemmings .

If you’re as excited for MysEducation as I am, keep up with the series at , , and Twitter at @myseducation .

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