Selena Gomez Reveals ‘Stars Dance’ Official Tracklisting + New Song “Slow Down”

Selena Gomez Stars Dance Premium Package

Selena Gomez Stars Dance Premium Package

Yesterday we shared the cover art for Selena Gomez‘s upcoming solo debut studio album Stars Dance and the album’s release date, which is officially confirmed to be July 23, 2013, just one day after her 21st birthday.

Selena also took to her official Twitter account to tease some of the songs that may appear on the album, and today I am pleased to share the official tracklisting.

Consisting of 13 tracks, the singer listed Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Skrillex as three of the songs’ most prominent influences, so we can expect a mix of pop, electro-pop, country pop, and dubstep sounds on the record.

Stars Dance is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, and the album’s official second single “Slow Down,” debuted yesterday, which you can hear below, but first, take a look at the albums tracklisting:

1. Birthday
2. Slow Down
3. Stars Dance
4. Like A Champion
5. Come & Get It
6. Forget Forever
7. Save The Day
8. B.E.AT.
9. Write Your Name
10. Undercover
11. Love Will Remember
12. Nobody Does It Like You
13. Music Feels Better

Listen: Selena Gomez – “Slow Down”