Swagg App – Brand Labels and Tagging

Swaag App Connects Street Style Influencers

Swagg App - Brand Labels and Tagging

Swagg App

Empowering street style lovers with a growing social community, Swaag is a new app that lets you share and connect with others who appreciate the curation of unique fashion.

Swagg App - Search and Swagg Battles

Swagg App – Search and Swagg Battles

The app’s features include the ability to label photos with 24 unique trends, add tags from over 10,000 stored brands in Swaag’s database, and engage in “Swaag Battles” — where users vote on similar styles.

Swagg pretty much turns anyone into a street style influencer or maven. Though it certainly won’t be long before fashion brands and steet style blogs, big and small, make Swagg their home as well, relying heavily on following and collaboration with customers.

Download the app for free in the iTunes App Store and watch Swagg’s Harmonium Films-directed video interview with stylish New Yorkers below.

For more information check out www.swaag.it ad keep up with the app on Twitter.