Sazon Booya – Oye Mami EP Album Cover

Listen & Download: Sazon Booya Unleashes Intense ‘Oye Mami’ EP [Moombahton]

Sazon Booya - Oye Mami EP Album Cover

We’ve been EAGERLY awaiting Sazon Booya‘s Oye Mami EP since hearing its title track in NY Lottery’s Cash Blast commercial this summer, which featured the moombahton duo aiding some serious beach partying with the founding fathers.

Effectively propelling the latin-infused electronic genre into mainstream, Mr. Vega and DJ SAV deliver yet another release of incredible ass-shaking proportion, featuring collaborations with Valentino KhanXão ProductionsDJ Comrade, and Mad Major Melvin.

The four-track EP incorporates elements of salsa, Brazilian funk, and house over body-pulsing bass and heavy synths. Enjoy below while it’s free!

In other Sazon Booya news, they also just released their first documentary, Mayhem & Moobmah, via, which features appearances from Skrillex and moombah founder Dave Nada.

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