Top 5 Hottest Engagement Ring Trends For 2013

Engagement ringsWhen it comes to jewelry, we women really have a hard time controlling ourselves as every option ahead of us reminds us why should we own then.

And when it comes to something so epic as picking your engagement ring is concerned, we really don’t want any compromises in that area.

On the other side, for the men who want to delight their special significant other with the latest trend, they must do their researches before going through with it.

There are so many options of cuts to choose from, round cut, oval cut, emerald cut, pear cut, heart cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, princess cut, asscher cut, radiant cut etc.

Also there is white gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium to choose from.

It gets quite hectic to pick the perfect one that would blow her away and give her enough reason to say YES to your proposal.

Every single cut and stone type is unique in its own way; however; there are few engagement rings that will stay popular all throughout the years. So in this new year, we have another group of 5 hottest rings for your own inspiration.

Sapphire ring

Sapphire ring

As the hottest ring trend of this year, the Sapphire ring has always been considered unique and it has a subtle quality in it to set it apart from other stones.

Certainly, Princess Diana gave it a new platform and Kate Middleton revived that trend in 2010.

Before, a sapphire ring was limited to being birthday presents and such, but now surely people find it equally competing with the diamond rings that get picked exclusively for engagements.

Cushion cut diamond ring

cushion cut ringCushion cut has always been the popular choice for celebrity engagement rings.

They apparently love how the cut and beautiful design of the ring dazzles on their fingers.

Miley Cyrus, Sophia Vergara, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Carrie Underwood, and Beyoncé have chosen this cushion cut for their engagement ring.

Classic solitaire diamond ring

classic solitaireWith the high pace of time everything is changing and with changing times people’s taste in everything changes accordingly.

But classic solitaire diamond rings yet delight millions of people as well as celebrities.

Tom Cruise gave Katie Homes a beautiful classic solitaire diamond ring to start their journey; Keira Knightley looks amazing with her solitaire diamond ring; and so does Fergie, with the uniqueness and that classic ring.

Emerald ring

emerald ringThere are some people who find it rather interesting to go outside the box and pick something really extra-ordinary for their engagement ring.

Halle Berry has been given a magnificent emerald ring, which looked gorgeous on her finger and made the world realize it’s okay to break with tradition.

Ashoka Diamond Ring

ashoka ringNothing says classic like an ancient old history does, and Ashoka cut has history written all over it.

The ring was named after the Indian emperor Ashoka, for whom this ring represented peace amongst his followers.

Reese Witherspoon was given Ashoka cut diamond ring as an engagement ring which really brought out their unique taste and love for peace.