Teonny’s Top 5 Disappointing Albums of 2012 2

Sinuous Mag Presents: Teonny Spears’ 2012 Flashback – The Top 5 Disappointing Albums of the Year

Teonny's Top 5 Disappointing Albums of 2012

Teonny Spears’ 2012 Flashback – The Top 5 Disappointing Albums of the Year

We recently kicked off a short series rounding up some of the best songs, albums, artists and more of the year. The first installment of the series was The Top 40 Songs of the Year, featured songs from Cassie, Rihanna, Miguel, and Jennifer Lopez — just to name a few; the second, The Top 12 Albums of the Year, featured Madonna‘s MDNA, Frank Ocean‘s Channel Orange, and P!nk‘s The Truth About Love.

The third and final installment of the series will feature my Top 5 Disappointing Albums of the Year. I had very high hopes for a lot of artists who released albums this year, but they sadly didn’t deliver.

Along with my cohorts here at Sinuous Mag, I encourage you — the readers, to give us your two cents about my lists or make your own to share with us. Take a look at the list below:

Teonny Spears’ Top 5 Disappointing Albums Of 2012

Chris Brown 'Fortune' Official Album Cover

Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’

1. Chris BrownFortune: After the lackluster performance and existence of “Graffiti” in 2009, Chris managed to redeem himself with 2011’s F.A.M.E., only to disappoint me once again with Fortune.

The lyrical structure of the album are basically a mix of the tweets he’d made over the past year, and the use of electronic beats over him rapping just doesn’t work.

There are a few winners on the album such as the Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa assisted “Till I Die,” “Don’t Wake Me Up,” and the seemingly fan favorite “Trumphet Lights,” but they are all surrounded by Chris’ overly forced, and non liked new lifestyle.

Usher 'Looking 4 Myself' Official Deluxe Edition Cover

Usher’s ‘Looking 4 Myself’

2. UsherLooking 4 Myself: Ah Usher, an artist who I’ve loved for years. The only time the entertainer seemed to lose me was with the sadly released and created Here I Stand in 2008. Unfortunately, he did it again with this album.

Before releasing the album, Usher stated that he was working on a new genre of music, which he depicted as “revolutionary pop,” a combination of several other music genres used to form a new sound, which we can clearly hear on “Climax.”

While I do commend him for trying something new, this goes to show you that doing something new isn’t always good. He’s always been able to dip and dabble in the worlds of pop and R&B, and while pop works for him, R&B is definitely where he should stay.


Christina Aguilera 'Lotus' Official Album Cover

Christina Aguilera’s ‘Lotus’

3. Christina Aguliera Lotus: When you are Christina Aguilera there are two things that people expect from you: actual singing, and overdoing it live. Sadly, Lotus manages to do both on almost every song on the album, which caused me personally to not like many of the songs.

In an attempt to redeem herself from the commercial failure and career setback that we call Bionic, Chrsitina still continued walking on the wrong side of the street, which only lead her to make an ever BIGGER mistake.

Just like Usher, I commend Christina for trying something different, but it just isn’t working.

'Oops!...I Did It Again: The Best Of Britney Spears' Official Album Cover

‘Oops!…I Did It Again: The Best Of Britney Spears’

4. Britney Spears  Oops! I Did It Again: The Best of Britney Spears: The problem with this album, besides the fact that NO ONE knew that it was being released, is the fact that only four of the songs were actual singles.

When a compilation such as this is made, it’s suppose to feature some of her greatest singles, with a few fan favorite songs here and there.

While songs like “Cinderella,” “Brave New Girl,” and “One Kiss From You,” are some of my favorite tracks from Britney, In the Zone, and Oops!…I Did It Again respectively, I don’t expect them to serve as the tracklisting for this album.

The album, in my opinion, just served as a part of the promotion and buzz of Britney joining The X Factor.

Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday Roman Reloaded The Re-Up' Official Album Cover

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday Roman Reloaded The Re-Up’

5. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded/Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up: The first thing that made this album disappointing is the fact that the title makes the album seem like it was a re-release of her debut studio album Pink Friday.

With the first album, it was QUITE obvious that she was a rapper, who easily was able to cross over to the world of pop, and that’s okay because Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Drake successfully did it too.

But where this album goes wrong is the fact that it just seems thrown together. There are a few songs that stand out such as “Pound the Alarm,” “Va Va Voom,” “Masquerade,” and the semi-confessional “Marilyn Monroe,” but majority of the album consists of fillers that basically force us to accept that Nicki is trying to be a pop star. It’s clear that Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up should have been an EP.