One Direction Set to Debut at #1 with Second Studio Album ‘Take Me Home’
One Direction 2012 'Take Me Home' Promo Shot

One Direction to Debut at #1 with ‘Take Me Home’ Next Week

This isn’t a surprise to me, but for some of you it just may be, according to the wonderful people (sometimes) at Billboard, One Direction‘s second studio album Take Me Home is on track to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart next week.

1D 'Take Me Home' Official Album Cover

1D’s ‘Take Me Home’ Official Album Cover

Sources in the industry are forecasting that the album could sell over 500,000 copies by Sunday, November 18, 2012. The best-case scenario sees the album shifting around 575,000 copies.

If this does indeed happen, the album could serve as the third-largest sales week of 2012, after Taylor Swift‘s 1.2 million bow with Red and Mumford & Sons’ 600,000 launch with Babel.

Just like the Spice Girls and Rihanna, the band has released their second album just a few months shy of their debut efforts, which surprisingly happened to be successful.

The 575,000 feat is a mere 399,000 more than the 176,000 Up All Night debuted with back in March. That set marked the first time a U.K. group’s debut album bowed at #1 in the history of the chart (The Spice Girls didn’t debut at #1, but they did reach the spot with Spice).

Up All Night is currently the third-biggest selling album of the year in the U.S., with 1.35 million sold, and depending on how well they do by Christmas, they also have a chance of finishing the year with two of the year’s top 10 best-sellers, which I’m sure they will. Thoughts?