Szjerdene Tells a ‘Tale of Fabricated Love’ in New “Turn” Music Video
Szjerdene's "Turn" Music Video

Szjerdene's "Turn" Music Video directed by Josh Feder and Saul Abraham

Fueled by the anxiety and panic of a downward spiraling relationship, Szjerdene‘s new visuals for “Turn” beautifully complement the alternative track’s angst-filled lyrics. Arranged and produced by the British songstress herself, the track appears on her latest project, Patchwork: The EP (iTunes / Amazon).

The video, directed by Josh Feder and Saul Abraham–who are also behind her chilling video for “Blue Lullabye,” tightly follows a typical couple as they go from content to suffering in each other’s presence.

“Let’s pretend the madness isn’t bad, and then well all forget–to stay sane again,” Szjerdene sings as we watch the former lovebirds exhaust themselves with endless arguments and increasing distance. Can you tell I can relate?

Between her vocals, her honest lyricism and fantastic choice in visual creatives, Szjerdene has become a new favorite around here. Now all we need is a video for “Go,” by far my favorite and most played track from Patchwork. Enjoy the official video for “Turn” below.

Watch: Szjerdene’s “Turn” Official Music Video

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