Blackberry Camera App – BB10

RIM Unveils Time-Defying BlackBerry 10 Camera Technology, Who Invented It?

Blackberry Camera App - BB10

RIM's Time-Defying BlackBerry 10 Camera Technology

On an almost weekly basis, I find myself having a conservation on the demise of RIM (Research in Motion), the once-iconic maker of the BlackBerry smartphone. “They suck.” is usually how the convo ends. These days, everyone and their grandmother has ditched #TeamBlackBerry to play for #TeamiPhone and #TeamAndroid for various reasons.

However–although it has being reported that it may take years for RIM to bounce back–at this morning’s BlackBerry Jam conference, the company showed us that we may not be able to completely count them out.

RIM unveiled a demo of a fancy new BlackBerry camera app, alongside a few other BB10 features, which gives users the ability to search back through timeframes for “the perfect shot.” You know, just BEFORE dad blinks or the dog gets distracted and leaves the shot entirely? You’d have a chance, not to edit or manipulate the photo, but to go back for just a few seconds before the actual moment you pushed the shutter button.

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And while we’ve seen claims that this technology was made possible by Apple, it’s actually the creation of Scalado–an imaging technology company. So now the question is, could Scalado have licensed its Rewind technologies to BlackBerry? Well, no one made any mention of Scalado during the keynote today but the similarities in the apps are obvious and neither company is responding.

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In any case, it may be too late to convert those of us who have already “upgraded” from BlackBerry, but might technologies like this convert non-smartphone users, which still account for 54% of mobile users?

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