Aesop Rock’s Official Music Video for “Zero Dark Thirty”

Watch: Aesop Rock’s Graffiti-Driven “Zero Dark Thirty” Music Video

Aesop Rock's Official Music Video for "Zero Dark Thirty"

Aesop Rock's Official Music Video for "Zero Dark Thirty"

“Anything less would be re-god-damn-diculous!” With SKeLETHoN‘s July release date creeping up, Aesop Rock has released the official video for the album’s first single, “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Directed by Isaac Ravishankara, the visuals mostly consist of Aesop sitting in front of a wall that serves as a moving graffiti canvas. The focus remains on three things: the intriguing artwork, the song’s complex lyricism, and Aesop‘s whiskers.

After a five-year long wait, if “Zero Dark Thirty” is a strong indicator of what’s to come–we’re beyond excited for SKeLETHoN, which serves as the rapper’s sixth studio album. The release is set for July 10th and will include features from Kimya Dawson (formerly of The Moldy Peaches), Rob SonicDJ Big WizAesop‘s wife Allyson Baker (Dirty Ghosts), singer-songwriter Hanni El Khatib, and more. Enjoy the video for “Zero Dark Thirty” below.


Watch: Aesop Rock – “Zero Dark Thirty” Official Music Video


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