Maroon 5 “Overexposed” Official Album Cover

Maroon 5 Disappoints With ‘Overexposed’ Official Album Cover

Maroon 5's 'Overexposed' Official Album Cover

Maroon 5’s ‘Overexposed’ Official Album Cover

Maroon 5 has (sadly) released album artwork for the band’s upcoming 4th studio album Overexposed, which is set to be released on June 26th. The album was recorded last year and was inspired by the success of the group’s 3rd studio album, Hands All Overwhich was released in 2010–as well as the group’s #1 single “Moves Like Jagger,” featuring Christina Aguilera.

I’ve enjoyed every single album cover from the group, but this is the first one I dislike. This is something I look for indie artists, or even metal/heavy rock artists to use, but not the classy, sexy, Maroon 5. Because of who they are, this album cover shouts cheap and super lackluster to me.

The album’s lead single will be “Payphone,” a disco-flavored dance-floor filler featuring a slick verse from rising rapper Wiz Khalifa. The song will be performed on Monday’s episode of The Voice and immediately available for purchase on iTunes.

Though I’m not too fond of the album cover, I am looking forward to seeing what the band will do this era. Instead of their pop rock and alternative rock sound, they have said to be transitioning into the pop/dance-pop category. Thoughts?