Gemmy Quelliz photographed by Maicol Diaz 02

Editor’s Beauty Pick: Urban Decay for Vibrant Pink Lips

Gemmy Quelliz photographed by Maicol Diaz

Model Gemmy Quelliz by Maicol Diaz

Call it an obsession, but hot pink lips have been my Spring /Summer go-to for the past few years. The color adds a pop to neutrals but also pairs well with the floral, print and neon trends that are taking over this season.

However, it’s been really hard finding a gloss, stain or lipstick that is both hydrating and highly saturated. I like shine, I want pigment and I don’t want clumps after a couple hours of wear, ugh — why is this so hard?

So I took a recent trip to Sephora (gotta rack up those V.I.B points) and got a little help from one of the associates. I was hoping to find a one-stick-wonder but after a week of the two step routine, I’m comfortable and happy with results.

1) Apply Urban Decay Super-Saturated color stick in Crush

Urban Decay Super Saturated - Crush

Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Crush

Price: $19

If you prefer matte lips, stop here. The Urban Decay Super-saturated lip pencil has just enough creaminess, a high pigment and a hint of gloss finish. Also important, the pencil has glittery hues but does not leave not sparkle grit–hate that.

The color is long-lasting but doesn’t need to be scrubbed off to remove like a lot of lip stains I’ve tried. If you need a little more shine, I suggest moving to step two.

2) Apply Sephora brand Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 47 Fuchsia Mania

Sephora Collection Gloss - Fuchsia Mania

Sephora Collection Gloss in Fuchsia Mania

Price: $12

Just a dab of Sephora’s Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Mania is enough. It’s not sticky but applying too much is very easy. Fuchsia Mania makes Urban Decay’s Crush pop even more.

Feel free to let me know how these picks work out for you!

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