Aesop Rock Skelethon album cover

Listen & Download: Aesop Rock – “Zero Dark Thirty” [SKeLETHoN]

Aesop Rock Skelethon album cover

Aesop Rock's 'Skelethon' Official Album Cover

SKeLETHoN is coming, friends. It’s coming!!! As proof, Aesop Rock has given us “Zero Dark Thirty,” the first official single from the abstract alternative rapper/producer’s sixth studio album, which is set to drop on July 10th.

Fans have waited five years for SKeLETHoN, which features Kimya Dawson (formerly of The Moldy Peaches), Rob SonicDJ Big WizAesop‘s wifey Allyson Baker (Dirty Ghosts), singer-songwriter Hanni El Khatib, and more. While you wait, listen to “Zero Dark Thirty” and download it while you can below.

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Listen: Aesop Rock – “Zero Dark Thirty”

“Down from a huntable surplus to one.”


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Aesop Rock Skelethon album cover

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