M&M’s Ms. Brown

M&M’S® Introduces “Ms. Brown” In New Super Bowl Ad

M&M's Ms. Brown

New M&M's Spokescandy 'Ms. Brown'

Ms. Brown made her long awaited debut during last night’s Super Bowl #brandbowl extravaganza in a commercial spot created by BBDO New York.

For years we’ve seen a personality for every color of M&M’S® candies except for brown, making her the company’s sixth character. A press release from the company gives more details about her personality:

“Although this is the world’s first glimpse of Ms. Brown, she has been working behind the scenes as the Chief Chocolate Officer for the last 70 years, thanks to her acumen in all things chocolate. Following the release of products like M&M’S® Pretzel Chocolate Candies and after witnessing the admiration of her fellow characters, Ms. Brown decided to shed her anonymity like a candy shell and step out into the limelight.”

Everyone on my Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline enjoyed her debut, mostly due to her friend Red, who danced to LMFAO‘s “Sexy and I Know It.” But the M&M’S® studio won’t let her get out-shined. Be on the look out for more commercials featuring the sexy new spokescandy.

She will have a series of commercials, print and digital ads, in-store displays, promotions, and she is featured on the brand’s official Facebook and she has her own Twitter page at @mmsbrown. Also, did I mention that she’s voiced by one of my favorite actresses Vanessa Williams? That gives us a reason to love Ms. Brown even more. Enjoy the commercial below.

Watch M&M’S® “Ms. Brown” Super Bowl Commercial


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