cassie king of hearts single cover

Cassie Finally Debuts “King of Hearts” on iTunes

cassie king of hearts single cover

Finally!!!!!! For almost 4 years, many people—including myself, have been waiting for Cassie to release her 2nd studio album Electro Love. Well for some reason, the album kept getting pushed back, but Cassie (or someone else, I don’t understand the song link thing) still managed to release new songs.

Despite the many push backs and timing issues, Cassie has finally stated that the album, no longer titled Electro Love, is due to be released within the next few months. The official 1st single is a long-awaited track entitled “King of Hearts,” which has finally made its way to the public and I am super happy.

The song is a mix of electro-pop, dance-pop and electro house, which all comes together and really works for her. I’ve always hoped that Cassie should step into the pop genre as she doesn’t really have a strong voice, and that’s not really needed for pop.

“King of Hearts” is available now on iTunes with the video soon to follow. Listen below.

Listen to Cassie “King of Hearts”

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