Acropolis Comic book project

‘Acropolis’ Comic Book Project Seeks More Diversity in Superheroes

Acropolis Comic book project

There’s no doubt in the lack of diversity in comic books despite the attempts to gradually include people of color and women. However those attempts have often been stereotypical or plain racist.

When Marvel Comics introduced a Black Latino Superman last Summer, some of the reactions were out right disturbing. A similar negative response was taken when actor Idris Elba as Heimdall in the movie Thor which resulted in a boycott.

On the other hand, when women characters are introduced, they are so over-sexualized that whatever super qualities they possess get vastly overshadowed by distracting physical characteristics.

Edward Williams seeks to change the norm with his comic book project entitled Acropolis. The forthcoming graphic novel is targeting the comic book industry’s weaknesses in diversity and equality. All races, genders and sexualities will be fairly and positively represented in Acropolis.

The project is currently over 60% funded but still needs some backers by March 4th. To contribute, go to

This is not about forcing minorities and women into mainstream comics. It’s about taking the world we live in, adding a superhero dynamic, and bringing it to life in the form of comic books.

–Edward Williams, Creative Director of Acropolis

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