Who Were Your Favorite Acts From Coachella 2011?

Missed Coachella? Don’t worry, there’s a video for that!

Coachella 2011 was bigger than any year before this past weekend! The festival is truly the ultimate combination of musicians you already love and acts you may have never heard of and who you’ll now be addicted to.

With tickets selling out months ago, there were quite a few people that couldn’t make the 3-day event. Even for those that attended, it’s impossible to be in three tents at once. So the smart folks at Coachella teamed up with Youtube and 5 Gum to stream the experience to anyone that couldn’t be there live or missed one act to watch another.

A mostly flawless integration with Twitter enabled people all over the world to watch and interact — making Coachella, Youtube, and 5 Gum look VERY very good.

However, Coachella‘s taking a little too damn long to get to the vids up so thank goodness for all of you that ripped performance footage on your own :)

Who were your favs?

There were a few performances that stuck out for me. I made sure to check out the bands I’ve never heard of because I was certain I’d find a few that  I would really like.

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill‘s set was so exciting. She performed her own hits as well as some Fugees tunes!

I love how Youtube and Coachella decided to snatch the original video posted by a user while they are uploading video from bands that performed after Lauryn. Shout out to centrictv.com for the new video on Vimeo.

Erykah Badu

Ah, Ms. Badu can do no wrong. Hope you enjoy the full set!


When you mix Latin, Hip-hop, and Rock, my ears perk with joy! Ozomatli KILLED their set on day one of the festival.

Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq rocked the stage bringing 1950’s Soul to 2011. Be sure to grab his new album Stone Rollin‘ when it releases on May 10th.

Mumford & Sons

I love everything about this multi-talented band. As usual, Mumford & Sons gave an energetic and exciting performance. Their album Sign No More is out now.

Nas and Damien Marley

Nas and Damien accompanied by DJ Green Lantern performed songs from their album Distant Relatives, a truly underrated Hip-hop and Reggae project. I was unable to sit still during this set. Nas also went through his own hits like “If I Ruled The World” and Damien performed “Welcome to Jamrock.” Get Distant Relatives.

Kanye West

Kanye West closed out Coachella with a 2-hour set that included every hit from “Gold Digger” to “All of the Lights” to a somber “Hey Mama.” See more from the performance at hypebeast.com.

Plan B

Plan B didn’t perform but they played this song during an intermission and I went on a search frenzy to find it! It just so happens that the UK Rapper will be taking over NYC on May 4th in concert with Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae. You can enter to win VIP tickets to the show from French Connection here.

So we wanna know, which acts were your favorite this year? We’ll add them to our list!