Good News, Ladies! We Found Alexis Jordan’s Purple Dress from “Good Girl”
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Alexis Jordan Purple Dress by Lipsy in Good Girl

Alexis Jordan’s purple dress from Lipsy worn in “Good Girl”

We’ve been getting endless inquiries and requests about the dress Alexis Jordan wore in the video for her single, “Good Girl.”

We narrowed down the store, Lipsy — a shop in London with some really hot dresses. The Lipsy Strapless Beaded Ruched Dress that Alexis wore is priced at £65.00 (about $106.00) but there’s some bad news…

Lipsy Strapless Beaded Ruched Dress

Lipsy Strapless Beaded Ruched Dress

It’s out of damn stock everywhere we look… atleast when looking for purple. Peach, on the other hand is all we could find left on the retailer’s website.

Lipsy Strapless Beaded Ruched Dress in Peach

Not at ALL as flattering as the purple right? Maybe it’s the model? Now before you curse us out, we did make an attempt to contact the store but haven’t heard back.

We’ve also seen the dress in black, but it’s also out of stock in every size! If the peach works for you, go to and take a photo with it on so we can see!

But here’s where the rest of you come in… we need your help, a fashionista search party! No? Well fine. But now you know the name of the dress and the brand so keep looking and we’ll be doing the same.